Robert T. Gair Award

Named for the man whose ingenuity and innovation gave birth to the modern folding carton industry, the Robert T. Gair Award is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated a lifetime of significant and lasting contributions to the paperboard packaging industry.

Past Winners

A. Newth Morris III
James Hodges
Mark Graham
F. Scott Macfarlane
George L. Howell
Joseph Hart
Chad E. Hoyme
J. Edward Woods
Jack Williams
Jack D. Tovin
Bradley Currey Jr.
Jack T. Lengsfield Sr.
Eugene U. Frey
Henry S. Levkoff
Judd H. Alexander
A. Worley Brown
Richard S. Longnecker
Robert C. Neff
Dixie Printing & Packaging, Inc. (ret.)
Royal Paper Box
Bell Incorporated

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
F.M. Howell Co.
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
Corson Manufacturing Co, Inc.
Gulf States Paper Corp.
Green Bay Packaging
Container Corp. of America
Rock-Tenn Co.
Lengsfield Brothers
Waldorf Corporation
The Standard Group
James River Corporation
Rock-Tenn Co.
James River Corporation
Neff Packaging Solutions

Nomination Requirements
This singular honor is only awarded when there is a candidate of sufficient merit, one with a lifetime of achievement in the paperboard industry. To be eligible, a candidate must have made consistently outstanding contributions to the paperboard industry (such as developed new products, processes, applications, or markets; led trade groups; acted as an industry spokesperson; pioneered new technology, etc), PPC (such as served on committees and Boards, participated in programs, etc), and the nominee’s company and community (such as made contributions to company growth, served the community as good corporate citizen, promoted a healthy work environment, etc).

Nominations must be made and signed by the National Voting Representative (NVR) of a PPC Principal member company. Nominations will be reviewed and recommendation made by the Executive Committee to the Board of Directors and the award recipient shall be determined by vote of the Board of Directors.

Download the Robert T. Gair Nomination Form (pdf)

About Robert T. Gair  

In 1864, Robert T. Gair began work as a paper merchant, printer, and manufacturer of paper and paperboard specialties in Brooklyn, N.Y. Early on, he started making folding boxes by scoring the box blanks individually and cutting the flaps by piling 10 or 20 at a time and using a guillotine style knife. In 1879, while examining a seed envelope job which had gone wrong during production in his plant, he saw that the difficulty was due to the fact that the type or printing plates had cut through the paper. He surmised that replacing type or printing plates with rules or knives, the press could then be used for cutting and creasing folding box blanks.

And with that, Gair laid the foundation for today’s folding carton industry.

Adapted from Paperboard and
Paperboard Containers: A History
by Harry J. Bettendorf.

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