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Paperboard: The Planet's Choice 


Whatever your packaging objective, paperboard packaging has been promoting, protecting, and improving the way retail goods are made available to consumers since the late 1800s. No other packaging material connects a company to its customers in as many fresh, relevant ways. 

The superior print quality of paperboard is undisputed. Unique and striking structural designs are virtually unlimited. Embossing, foil stamping, and windowing are quick to catch the eye of the consumer. In fact, no other packaging material connects a company to its customers in as many fresh, relevant ways as paperboard.

There’s nothing easier than opening and resealing a folding carton, especially compared to other packaging materials. As demographics continue to shift toward older Americans, paperboard packaging’s opening and reclosure features are becoming increasingly popular.  

Moreover, paper-based cartons readily accommodate the growing trend toward single serving and “100 calorie” portion-controlled packages. At home, they are easy to stack and store.

In today’s world, consumers insist on having the confidence that they are the first person to open the package of every product they buy. Paperboard packaging offers the full range of protection, including RFID tags, security printing, tamper evident materials and seals, and holography.

In times of uncertainty, consumers flock to what they know and take comfort from the instant recognition the broad billboard of paperboard packaging offer. In fact, 75 percent of consumer decisions are made at the point of sale in less than ten seconds. Retailers place their trust in the limitless creativity afforded by the innovative design opportunities waiting for them on a front panel made of paperboard.

The goal of superior supply chain management is to get packaging from the design department, through production, to the retail shelf as quickly and efficiently as possible and with a minimum of waste. Because it may be folded flat, paperboard packaging is cost-effective to ship. It is lightweight yet strong, and built to laser tolerances that allow for high-speed machine filling.

Big box retailers such as Walmart are advocating sustainability all along their supply chains. Renewable, recyclable paperboard packaging saves energy from production to shipment to storage, then back again to the paper mill. And not only do consumers prefer their packaging in paperboard, they want to purchase packaging they know they can be easily recycled.

When you buy a paperboard package that began its journey as a tree from a certified managed forest and ends its life in the recycling bin, you can be sure you have taken a small but definite step toward making the world a better place for the generations to follow. When you consider the alternatives, the conclusion is as green as the trees in your own backyard: paperboard is the planet's choice for packaging!

Choosing Paperboard Packaging

When your clients have a choice of substrates, are your salespeople having difficulty explaining why paperboard is the best solution for their customers, product, and the planet? Do not fear… this downloadable sales guide illustrates the myriad benefits of paperboard, from its cost-effectiveness and strength to its recyclability.

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