2014 Top Award Winners

Paperboard Package of the Year

Cascades Boxboard Group
12-Pack Hybrid Egg Carton Lid
Hartmann North America

A new take on a traditional 12-pack egg carton substitutes the standard molded pulp lid with a striking and functional SBS lid. While the base still provides the proven protection of molded pulp (special, elongated base posts protect the eggs and add vertical strength), the new paperboard lid drastically expands the possibilities for branding; the hybrid egg carton features 45% more graphic space than traditional molded pulp or plastic cartons. Furthermore, with its non-glare finish, consumers can easily view the package displayed in bright supermarket refrigerators without the annoying glare generated by plastic containers.

The container creates minimal disruption down the supply chain, as it fits industry standard cases and packs, and was designed to work on existing egg graders. Finally, it is easily recyclable and repulped.

This package truly demonstrates how small, seemingly simple design changes can impact the success of final product.

Judges' Award-Folding Carton

Keystone Paper and Box Co., Inc.

Lighthouse Rum Cakes

A family of three different sized boxes was designed to accommodate the 5, 16, and 33oz cakes in Lighthouse's rum cake line. Each uniquely shaped, pyramidal package features beautiful coastal images that are enhanced by foil embellishments. The cartons also open up to reveal even more exquisitely printed imagery alongside buoy and sailboat cutouts.

While each carton is an individual work of art, when stacked, the three varying sized cartons resemble a tower or lighthouse, reflecting the nautical theme of the brand. 

Judges' Award-Rigid

JohnsByrne Co.
American Icon
Ralph Lauren for Macy's

In designing this striking rigid box for Macy’s, JohnsByrne Co. was asked to create a carton that had the look and feel of real wood. To achieve this effect, their design team used reticulation and a dulled back, high-gloss coating on-press, in combination with a post-press embossing of the overwrap sheet.

While reticulation is usually used as a hologram substitute, this package instead uses the effect to create the exquisite wood design. That innovation, along with unique finishing techniques and exceptional crossover of the red, white, and blue striping between the lid and base, make this box a stand out on any store shelf.

Folding Carton of the Year

Boehmer Box

Choco Zoo
Imagine Chocolate

In the competitive confectionery segment, packages must immediately engage consumers, and Choco Zoo does just that with its eye-catching design. Its whimsical elephant head structure draws consumers in while its side windows create further interest by revealing the chocolates inside. What’s more, the carton can be transformed into a child’s piggy bank once the chocolate is consumed. The design even features a special locking tab on the trunk of the elephant that closes up the slot once the carton is transitioned into a piggy bank. Thus, this carton continues to provide value to consumers long after the product is consumed.

Rigid Box of the Year

Bert-Co Industries, Inc.

Bates Motel
A&E Television Networks

This striking rigid box for the DVD of A&E’s recent television hit Bates Motel (based on the classic Hitchcock film Psycho) succeeds brilliantly in integrating the show’s plotline into the package’s structural design. Highlighting Norman Bates’ split personality, one half of the rigid outer sliding box features Bates’ face while the other half features that of his overbearing mother. The result is a creepy and perfectly aligned split-face front image that really jumps out.

Providing great interactivity, to access the DVD nested inside, consumers slide open the split front. A thumb slot helps consumers lift the DVD out of the case with ease.

Innovation Award

Graphic Packaging Int'l
Bertolli Rustico Bakes
ConAgra Foods

This hybrid paperboard/plastic tray, designed to evenly heat Bertolli’s frozen Rustico Bakes dinners, incorporates many of the features and benefits of both substrates while providing material reductions and optimization.

To create the tray, the paperboard is laminated, demetalized, printed, and cut, and then married to a plastic frame via injection molding. The use of paperboard provides a 45% reduction of non-renewable plastic as compared to traditional CPET trays. Furthermore, the tray is recyclable, with up to 50% reclaimed fibre by weight.  

By combining the recyclability of paperboard, the protection of the injection molded frame, and special even-heating technology, this tray provides an innovative solution currently unmatched in the frozen food segment.

Eco Award

Graphic Packaging Int'l
3# Clementines FruitPack™
Fruition Sales

This breakthrough design offers an exciting, new way to package produce. Whereas less-sustainable packaging solutions for produce generally lack billboard space, this folding carton features a large billboard, allowing for attractive graphics that increase visual impact and appetite appeal. Furthermore, its built-in handle makes for easy carrying, stacking, and displaying at retail. It also works with existing distribution processes, leaving current supply chain systems undisturbed.

A sustainable, visually appealing, and practical design, this package may be the harbinger of a bright future for paperboard produce packaging solutions!


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2014 Entrants
Accord Carton Co.
All Packaging Co.
Apex Paper Box/BOXit Corp.
Bell Inc.
 Bert-Co Industries, Inc.
Boehmer Box
Cascades Boxboard Group
Colbert Packaging Corp.
Diamond Packaging
Ellis Packaging, Ltd.
Frankston Packaging Co.
Graphic Packing Int’l
Great Little Box Co., Ltd.
Great Northern Corp.
JohnsByrne Co.
Keystone Paper & Box. Co.
MeadWestvaco Corp.
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Pacific Southwest Container
Quad Graphics
Sonderen Packaging
Southern Champion Tray, LP
Tap Packaging Solutions
Taylor Packaging Co.
Thoro Packaging
TPC Printing and Packaging
Unipak Inc.
Vista Color Corp.
Walter G. Anderson Inc.
Zumbiel Packaging


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