An Industry Dedicated to Social Responsibility

Traditionally, for-profit organizations have operated with the overarching goals of making money and increasing shareholder equity. While these functions are surely important—profit is the lifeblood of any company—the 1990s brought on a new era of corporate social responsibility in which organizations began to realize that profit-building can—and should be—carried out in ways that benefit local communities and protect the environment. By virtue of paperboard’s sustainability and renewability, the industry has been exemplifying the tenets of social responsibility far before the term ever became popular.

Indeed, the paperboard industry champions environmental stewardship and conservation by engaging in sustainable, responsible business practices throughout the entire supply chain. In order to harvest tree fiber for making paper, the paperboard industry turns to managed forests, planted and replanted specifically for consumer uses. Later, during the design phase, converters strive to create reliable and effective packages using the least amount of fiber necessary. Converters also aim to reduce and recapture the energy and water used during the box-making process. Finally, the industry is proud to provide a finished product that consumers can easily recycle.

Yet the paperboard packaging industry’s commitment to social responsibility does not end with sustainable business practices; the industry cares deeply about the communities it serves and the people it employs. Converters and suppliers work tirelessly to earn returns for their shareholders while also looking after the welfare of employees, the environment, and local communities.

By making contributions to charitable organizations and educating local communities on the environmental benefits of planting trees and recycling paper, they also make a positive impact in the communities in which they serve.

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