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North American Paperboard Packaging Competition

2014 Entry Guidelines

Jury members evaluate package samples and their accompanying write-ups to select the award winners. Each entry is eligible for a total of 30 points. The entry with the highest point total in each category is awarded Rigid Box of the Year Award, Folding Carton of the Year Award, Innovation Award, and Eco Award. A grand prize of Paperboard Package of the Year Award is given to the best overall package in the entire competition.

Entries come from both major corporations and small, family-owned box shops and all are weighted evenly, with the names of manufacturers unknown to the jury. Entries receiving 24 or more points were awarded Gold awards in the categories of General, Eco, or Innovation. Those receiving 19 to 23 points are awarded Excellence awards. Entries that do not qualify for an award on points, but that the jury want to recognize, receive Boxmaker’s awards.

To be eligible to enter the competition, each entry must be submitted by a PPC member and converted in their facility. Unless it is a  self-promotional piece, each entry must have been produced and sold by a PPC member for the first time between June 1, 2013 and June 1, 2014. The packages must be designed to distribute, market, and protect a product and must consist of at least 50% paperboard that is visible to  the end user. (Laminated grades made with E-flute, F-flute, and other micro-flute corrugated qualify.) In addition, each entry must not have been submitted into a previous NAPPC competition.

Entrants should mail to PPC before the final deadline four flats for each entry and three assembled cartons, one with product (unless perishable) and when possible, submit photos of how the package is displayed on the store shelves. If it is absolutely impossible to send product, email a photo of the carton with the product in place. But note that judges highly recommend that product be included so that your entry can receive the highest possible score.

To avoid damage when shipping liquid/ beverage containers, make sure to package them well. If need be, ship the product separately; empty product bottles are acceptable.

Unless you are submitting a self-promotional piece, obscure all carton manufacturer identifications (name, bugs, logos).

Finally, the more complete the write-up for each entry, the better the judges will understand your package’s development objectives and impact. Thoroughly answering the entry form questions is vital to receiving the best possible score!

Download the 2014 Competition Entry Form.

Deadlines and Fees

June 1            Entry deadline. $195/entry, first and fourth entry FREE!
August 1        Award plaque pre-order. First gold or excellence plaque ordered is FREE--a $279 value!
October 30    Winners announced at the Fall Meeting Awards Dinner

Jury Tips and Discussion (.wmv)

For more info, contact Kim Guarnaccia at kim@paperbox.org or 413.686.9193.